Blogs & Marketing That Matters

Blogs & Marketing that Matters Blogs are a fun and creative way for businesses to promote their brands. Moreover, blogs ensure visibility in the market today. Effectively written blog posts generate positive attention in a number of ways. Firstly, they lend personality to your company, setting you apart from larger corporations that tend to remain faceless. If you do your research and use the right keywords, you will show up in more search engine results. The more results you show up in, the more people know your name. The more people who think......

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Increasing Your Google Ranking

Increasing Your Google Ranking just got a whole lot easier. For the informed entrepreneur that is.  Google ranks businesses based on their site prominence per key term; thus, you will rank differently per key term searched. To increase your Google ranking for different key terms, there are a few things that you can do: The first criteria to consider is that Google returns results based on the user’s IP address. Google always returns listing that are closest to you. If you search “burgers,” it will mostly pick up the closest McDonalds, then......

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Successful Online Marketing

If you are like any of the thousands of businesses owners we help each year then you are more than likely overwhelmed by all of the different ways to market your business online.  Between the different social media sites, Google, and web builders available online marketing can be a challenging arena to a busy business owner. To make it easier for our clients to understand and tackle success online (despite their limited resources and/or knowledge of how it all works) Out of the Blue Marketing, Inc. breaks it down to 3 simple......

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